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Margot Eld wanted to be a pilot for as long as she could remember. Margot became interested in hot air ballooning because her father-in-law supplied propane to the balloonists. She earned her balloon rating in 1978 and purchased her hot air balloon in 1979. In 1981, Margot earned her fixed wing rating, and bought her first airplane, a Beechcraft Musketeer, in 1982.
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For Margot, aviation was a stress reliever and an escape from her everyday life working at the New Jersey Department of Corrections. She found beauty and peace in flying and was able to concentrate on the task at hand.

“The ability to travel around that way and see our country from the air is a wonderful gift to have,” said Margot.

An AOPA member since 1980, Margot understands the importance of the programs made possible by her support of the AOPA Foundation.

“Aviation has always been such a big part of my life. I just really think that the programs that AOPA has are invaluable to general aviation. In this country, we are so lucky to have the freedom to fly that we do.”

Margot is a commercial pilot with airplane single engine land, instrument airplane, and lighter than air ratings. She owned her Beechcraft Bonanza from 1986-2018. Margot used her certificate for public benefit flying, participating in Angels Flights and exposing new people to aviation through “Pennies-a-Pound” with her Ninety-Nines chapter.

When asked about her legacy gift to the AOPA Foundation, Margot said, “When you’re deciding who and what you want to give your money to, you think about where it is going to have an impact on something that is meaningful and useful and valuable to you. I hope my legacy gift will help AOPA sustain the programs that they have. They’re all important and you need resources to keep them going.

If flying has been important to you in your life, joining the legacy society is something you can do to help it be important and useful to others in the future.
Margot Eld
AOPA Foundation Legacy Society member
Margot Eld
AOPA Foundation Legacy Society member
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