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Hat in the Ring Society Members

AOPA Foundation Hat in the Ring Society


Harrison Ford, Co-Chairman

Harrison Ford, Co-Chair

With instrument and fixed-wing single- and multiengine ratings and a helicopter certificate, Harrison Ford is an experienced pilot who values the utility and joys of aviation. Channeling his passion for the industry, Ford touts its benefits to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Morgan Freeman, Co-Chairman

Morgan Freeman, Co-Chair

Morgan Freeman joined AOPA soon after passing his check ride, and is proud to call himself a Hat in the Ring Society member. Morgan began flying only 10 years ago and like many pilots he wishes he’d started sooner. The more he flies the more he realizes that America’s general aviation system is truly a national treasure, and that as pilots we have a significant duty to protect that treasure.

Hat in the Ring Society

Hear Hat in the Ring Society Member Paul Diette talk about the program. Find out why you should join this group of leaders who take enormous pride in shaping and strengthening our freedom to fly.

Hat in the Ring Member of the Month

patrick larreaDr. Patrick Larreategui- a board certified general surgeon has been an AOPA member since 2007. Dr. Larreategui specializes in the treatment of colon and breast cancer and the minimally invasive surgical treatment of diseases of the abdomen. He was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio the “Birthplace of Aviation” and had always been interested in learning to fly. Finally one October afternoon in 2007 he took a demo flight at a local flight school and got hooked. He completed his private pilot certificate less than 6 months later. He has gone on to earn instrument and multiengine instrument ratings. He also has tail wheel and high performance endorsements. He completed the Pilot Confidence Training course at Sean Tucker’s Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety and performed aerobatic training in an Extra 300L and Pitts S-2B. 

Dr. Larreategui has been the AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer for Dayton International Airport (DAY) since 2010. He assists many AOPA members with planning visits to Dayton to tour The National Museum of The United States Air Force and National Aviation Heritage Trail sites. He created a Facebook page to share information concerning the airport called FlyDAY. He also volunteers his time and aircraft to fly missions for Pilots and Paws. 

In the spring of 2014 he learned about a film called Charlie Victor Romeo. The film is a reenactment of six major airline emergencies based on the cockpit voice recordings. It highlights how crew resource management can save lives in times of crisis. The film garnered high praise at several film festivals but was mostly only shown in large cities. Dr. Larreategui began working to bring the film to Dayton in November of 2014. He was able to find a theater to host a one night only showing contingent on meeting a minimum presale ticket threshold. He created posters and visited more than seven southwest Ohio airports and several National Aviation Heritage Trail sites to promote the movie. He ended up selling almost 100 tickets for the screening. All proceeds that he earned as promoter were donated to The Air Safety Institute, a Division of AOPA Foundation. 

Dr. Larreategui has been an AOPA Hat in the Ring member since 2014. He truly has a passion for aviation and looks forward to continually finding new ways to support and promote aviation safety. Please connect with him on Facebook @ FlyDAY or Instagram @apilotnamedpatrick. 

Thank you to all of our 2015 Hat in the Ring Members!

  • Thomas Abood
  • Robert Agnew
  • Larry Allen
  • Myra Allen
  • Joel Altman
  • Stephen Antle
  • Mikel Atkins
  • Ronald Baade
  • Allan Badrow
  • Samuel Bailey Jr.
  • Freddie Baker
  • Robert Barnhill III
  • James Barrett
  • James Baum
  • Stephen Bell
  • Chris Bennett
  • Dierks Bentley
  • Bruce Berkowitz
  • James Bersig
  • Jim Black
  • William Blake
  • Clifford Boese
  • Deanna Boese
  • William Borchert
  • G. Borsari
  • Joe Bouley
  • Dwight Bowden
  • Penelope Bowman
  • Raymond Bowman
  • Robert Brahm
  • Jacob Brombach IV
  • Bruce Buhr
  • William Burdette
  • Neil Cahoon
  • Bruce Cavarno
  • Peter Chmelir
  • Peter Chmelir
  • John Colman
  • Lawrence Colvin
  • Stephen Coonts
  • Thomas Cordingley
  • Mario Corti
  • Dave Coulier
  • Anastaisia Crowther
  • John Cummings
  • Joseph Davis
  • Laura Del Favero
  • Doc D'Errico
  • Michael Draelos
  • William Dubois
  • Tony DuBose
  • Robert Duncan
  • Michael Dunleavy
  • B. J. Dunn
  • Ray Ebner III
  • William Eischens
  • William Fields
  • Gary Fielland
  • Harrison Ford
  • Daniel Fordice III
  • Tim Fortune
  • Morgan Freeman
  • John Gaither Jr.
  • Thomas Garrot
  • James Gibertoni
  • Peter Gockerman
  • Kirby Gonyer
  • James Gorman
  • Michael Gottdenker
  • Michael Goulian
  • Mike Gourley
  • Steve Graham
  • David Guerrieri
  • Kenneth Guthrie
  • Robert Hamilton
  • George Hamlin IV
  • Rodney Harbin
  • William Harris
  • David Haushalter
  • David Hawkins
  • Kevin Hawkins
  • James Hefelfinger
  • David Herrell
  • James Hislop
  • Elaine Hodgson
  • Robert Holtaway
  • James Horan
  • Calvin Hunziker Jr.
  • John Huss
  • Rich Iott
  • Scott Johnson
  • Spring Johnson
  • Samantha Johnson
  • Jim Jones
  • Kenneth Jones
  • Steven Kaplan
  • Neil Kaye
  • Denise Kenna
  • Todd Kimmes
  • Richard Kissinger
  • Frank Klimas
  • Lee Kranefuss
  • Morrie Krasner
  • Steven Krause
  • Keith Kretschmer
  • Jan Krouwer
  • John Krystyniak
  • Arthur Kudner III
  • Patrick Larreategui
  • Peter Larson
  • Skip Lehman
  • Mark Leise
  • Woody Lesikar
  • Joseph Leverone Jr.
  • John Lewis
  • Jeffery Liljenquist
  • Mary Ann Liljenquist
  • David Long
  • Ken Lux
  • Charles Lyford IV
  • Laurie Lyford
  • Jesus Manteca
  • Guadalupe Manteca
  • Robert Marmon
  • James Martin
  • Victoria Mason
  • John McCann
  • John McGowan
  • George McMillin
  • Rory McMinn
  • Kenneth Mead
  • Chris Meloni
  • Robert Miller
  • Michael Miller
  • Joseph Monaghan
  • John Mullins
  • Verne Murray III
  • Jon Neary
  • Peter Norton
  • William Oliver
  • Michael Overholzer
  • Tom Owens
  • Jonathan Palmer
  • Vincent Panvini Jr.
  • John Parish
  • Preston Parish
  • John Parker
  • Susan Parson
  • John Paul
  • Sue Paul
  • Charleen Pelizzari-Murray
  • Antonio Pelletier
  • Jeff Perich
  • Jay Petkov
  • Jeffrey Poplin
  • Robert Poston
  • George Powell
  • Christopher Quincannon
  • Craig Raabe
  • Matthew Reedy
  • John Richardson
  • Rolf Ringgold
  • John Rogers
  • Richard Rogers
  • Ron Rose
  • Herbert Rosenthal
  • David Roth
  • Jose Sanchez
  • Donald Scattergood
  • Gary Schaffer
  • John Schrock
  • Jack Schulte
  • Robert Shackelford Jr.
  • Neil Sherman
  • Ronald Short
  • Jeffrey Siegal
  • Old Bob Siegfried
  • Thelma Jean Siegfried
  • Alicia Sikes
  • Kirby Smith III
  • William Spencer
  • M. Stanton-Hicks
  • Mary Stead
  • William Stiles
  • Shepard Stone
  • James Styring
  • Michael Swain
  • Robyne Teslich
  • Trevor Thies
  • Robert Thompson
  • Darron Thompson
  • Landon Thorne
  • Eric Torgerson
  • Ivan Truyaert Jr.
  • Pete Turecek
  • Kenneth Uhlmann
  • J. Uhrig
  • Joseph Usibelli
  • James Van Hook
  • Craig Van Matre
  • Louis Vandermolen
  • Antenor Velazco
  • Kathy Velazco
  • Karl Voigt
  • Aulden von Baden
  • Gregory Walker
  • Matthew Wallace
  • James Ward
  • Laura Watson Krieble
  • Larry Webb
  • Fredrick Wegis
  • Claus Weisemann
  • Jeffrey Werner
  • Ben Wilke
  • David Williams
  • Jeff Williams
  • James Williams
  • Michael Winer
  • James Winner
  • Lloyd Wofford
  • Stuart Woods
  • Brad Zaro  

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AOPA President Mark Baker speaks to Hat in the Ring Society members at the Chino Fly-In.

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