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The AOPA Foundation’s “Give Wings” aircraft donation program is a quick easy and beneficial way to pass your airplane along to a new owner. The “Give Wings” program allows aircraft donors to enjoy significant tax benefits and claim a tax deduction equal to the gross proceeds of the sale. In addition to the tax advantages, pilots can take pride knowing their donation supports support a variety of programs such as the Air Safety Institute’s safety seminars, courses, and video production. Additionally aircraft donation proceeds also fund other vital programs supporting AOPA’s mission including flying clubs and ambassador programs, AOPA’s high school initiative, and Rusty Pilots seminars.

The process is quick, simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works in 4 simple steps!

Step 1 – We gather information about the aircraft to determine its approximate market value (Vref) and determine if the aircraft meets donation criteria.

Step 2 – Once the decision to donate is made we send two simple documents for the donor to sign (A bill of sale and letter of agreement).

Step 3 – Once signed, the AOPA foundation assumes all the financial responsibilities for the aircraft including insurance. Then we work with a local broker to advertise, market and sell the aircraft to a happy new pilot.

Step 4 – The AOPA Foundation provides the donor with all the needed IRS tax documentation so they are able to get tax credit for the full sales price of the donated aircraft.

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