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Initiative: Pilot Population

Project Summary

A growing pilot population is not only about bringing new people into aviation, but how well we keep we them active and engaged and create a welcoming environment when they return from a break. Preliminary research indicates that there are several hundred thousand people in the USA that have gone to the trouble to become a pilot, but then stop flying. AOPA has created Rusty Pilots, a seminar designed to help lapsed pilots brush up their aviation knowledge, in a supportive group atmosphere. In addition to standard refresher course topics, there is a special emphasis on areas of recent change—things such as local airspace changes, plastic certificates, changes to aircraft registration and medical rules, and technology developments such as the iPad.

Help us welcome these Rusty Pilots back into the left seat – support a Rusty Pilots seminar!

Your donation will help sponsor a Rusty Pilots seminar at a local airport. The support will allow the program to be marketed to lapsed pilots in the area and to create the materials and resources for a safe and supportive environment to make it simple for pilots to return to the sky.

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