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“Giving Back”—AOPA Flight Training Scholarships

The AOPA Flight Training Scholarship program first began in 2011 as part of the Flight Training Student Retention Initiative. The scholarship program allows AOPA, AOPA Foundation and donors to help student pilots succeed in training, ease the financial burden and ultimately, grow the pilot population.

AOPA’s Flight Training Scholarship Program is one of a kind because it offers funds to a student pilot without the requirement to have professional aspirations or be enrolled in a college aviation degree program and does not have an age restriction.

Scholarship applicants are asked to complete an online application, answer essay questions and secure two recommendations. They are evaluated on the quality of their answers and demonstrated commitment to flight training.

By making these scholarships possible, AOPA is giving a priceless and lifetime gift to passionate aviators who might otherwise never have the opportunity to live the dream of general aviation.

About the Giving Back Program

Congratulations to all the nonprofits who earned one of our previous Giving Back Grants.

This year the AOPA Foundation has shifted our focus to helping student pilots become private pilots.  As a result, we will only be focused on awarding flight training scholarships.

There may be additional opportunities for grants in years beyond 2016, so please feel free to check back with us in the future.

In 2015, the Giving Back Program awarded grants of $5,000 to nonprofits with flight training scholarship funds, grants of up to $10,000 to nonprofit groups that performed charitable work through GA, and awarded flight training scholarships to individuals who want to learn to fly or pursue aviation careers. Here's information on the 2015 recipients of Giving Back funds:

The AOPA Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 AOPA Flight Training Scholarships!

Click HERE to read about the scholarship recipients and click HERE to read about the generous donors that made this year's scholarships possible.

The AOPA Foundation proudly recognizes the 2015 recipients of the Giving Back grants for nonprofits doing good work through General Aviation:

    Build A Plane - Malibu, CA
    Hope Flight Foundation - Hayward, CA 
    Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth - New York, NY


The AOPA Foundation proudly recognizes the recipients of the 2015 Giving Back grants for flight training scholarships:

    Able Flight - Chapel Hill, NC
    Flying-Hogs Aero Club - Fayettville, AR




The AOPA Foundation is not offering a grant program in 2016 and is focusing on providing flight training scholarships.

The AOPA flight training scholarship program is designed to help more students succeed in earning a pilot certificate. The initiative focuses on helping to facilitate a positive flight training experience to help student pilots achieve their goals, while strengthening general aviation. The scholarship program helps to ensure we are creating new pilots, and the recipients serve as ambassadors for general aviation and flight training on a grass-roots level and are living examples of a positive flight training experience.

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Flight Training Scholarship Eligibility

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